These are the wiki rules that every user must follow. Failure to follow these rules may result in a ban. Bans may last from weeks to years so please follow the rules.

General Rules

  1. Keep the content PG-13 or lower
  2. No swearing, cursing, or anything of the like.
  3. Respect all users and do unto others they would unto you.
  4. Do not steal any art or plagiarize. If you use someone else's work, credit them.
  5. Do not steal/use any copyrighted content unless authorized to.
  6. No spamming.
  7. Do not copy, steal, or use someone else's content unless authorized to.
  8. Do not vandalize any pages.
  9. Do not talk about inappropriate subjects such as sexuality, drugs and alcohol, and politics.
  10. Ask Avalon to create a character or fanfiction. Any pages that are made without permission will be deleted. Exception to this rule is if the character or fanfiction is from a fandom (Wings of Fire, Marvel etc.)
  • Don't make new categories without asking an admin. A list of useable categories can be found here.
  • Don't make any new templates without asking an admin.

Page Rules

  • General Rules Apply
  • Please ask Avalon to create a page. If you are a Member you do not need to ask. Exception to this rule is if the page is a character or fanfiction from a fandom(Star Wars, Warriors, etc.)
  • Please follow page formats as they help to keep pages consistent and organized.
  • Please use the correct infobox for each page type.
  • Do not make random pages with no meaning.

Chat Rules

  • General Rules Apply
  • No swearing. Heck and gosh are ok.
  • Do not talk about inappropriate subjects such as sexuality, drugs, and politics.
  • No Spamming. Such as typing words over and over to where they fill the entire chat box.
  • Do not bully or be rude to other users on the chat.

Role Play Rules

  • General Rules apply.
  • Romance is allowed but don't take it too far.
  • Do not play god.
  • Do not kill off someone else's character unless they give you permission.
  • Role Play logically. Don't say that the sky is red or after being attack by fifty orcs your character is still perfectly healthy and unharmed.
  • Hate the character. Not the user.
  • Don't abandon an RP. If you want to leave, let the RP host know so they can incorporate the character leaving.
  • Don't join an RP with out asking unless specified so by the host.
  • Role Plays are to take place on the discussions page.

Art and Image Rules

  • General Rules Apply
  • Do not post art that has the following mature themes: sexuality, nudity, curse words, explicit gore. Minor gore such as a bleeding scratch or cut is fine. Romance is allowed but don't take it too far.
  • Do not use someone elses art unless you have permission or it is free to use. Just because you found it on google doesn't mean everyone gets to use it.
  • Please avoid uploading duplicate photos as it clutters the wiki.
  • If you have an image or piece of art that you have no use for anymore, you can either put it up for adoption (if art), or ask a content mod to remove the image from the wiki.


Failure to follow rules will result in consequences. These are the following consequences for each offense.

First Offence
Let off with a warning.

Second Offence
Let off with a second warning.

Third Offence
Let off with a third warning or banned for 5 days.

Fourth Offence
Banned from 5 days to two weeks.

Fifth Offence
Banned for one or two months.

Sixth Offence
Banned for six months.

Seventh Offence
Banned for a year.

Eighth Offence
Banned forever.