If you would like to become a Wiki Partner with AvalonCat's Imagination Wiki, please contact our Bureaucrat AvalonCat. Our terms with wiki partnership can be found at the bottom of this page.


DreamingWolf's Random Wiki

DreamingWolf's Random Wiki is a fun place where you can chat with friends and create characters or if your feeling weird, making a random page with no meaning at all. It is a small wiki and needs more users so go over there and see what is up. I believe you will like this wiki if you love wolves, cats, rps, spamming, or just being random.

Dew's Hangout Wiki

Dews Hangout wiki is a fun place to chat with friends and hang out.


  • May advertise on each others wikis.
  • Must mention us on a page on your wiki. (Something like this page.)
  • Must have at least 1 page on this wiki. (Unless we are asking.)
  • Wiki partnership will end if
    • Your wiki become inactive via lack of edits or via inactive staff.
    • If you abuse your rights on our wiki, you will be removed from the partnership and any users from your wiki who have been abusing their rights will be banned.
    • If you violate any of our rules.(In terms your staff violates our rules.)