A Star is Born

Venus Seka Eclipse shivered with excitement. She was on a star ship on her way to Coruscant, the planet of the city. On board with her was captain Orliv Quinn and her future master, Aayla Secura. Venus was the daughter of Stella Eclipse and Sol Eclipse. Her grandmother, Jedi Knight Helicona Asher-Eclipse had recently passed away. Venus never really knew her but the Jedi Knights found out she broke the code and married. This eventually lead to Venus’s powers being discovered. Her parents, being simple merchants didn’t have much to offer her so they sent her off to train to be a Jedi Knight. Venus’s sister Luna, didn’t have Jedi powers and had to stay with their parents. Stella and Sol wanted Luna to go with Venus to Coruscant but the Jedi refused saying that she would only be extra weight to carry around. Either way, Venus was excited to finally get off of Alderaan and go on an adventure yet quite sad to leave her parents. She was only two years old.

Venus always knew she had powers for as long as she could remember. Typically, she would mainly pick up objects from far away using the force and a sixth sense of some sort that allowed her to sense when someone was tense or nervous et cetera. But now, she was going to get full training on everything her powers are capable of. Not only that, but she would get to wield a lightsaber too.

The ship jerked a little as they came out of light speed. Before them was Coruscant. They approached the planet from its night side; the lights flickering like tiny candles. Venus stood up from her seat and starred out the window as they landed.

“Nervous?” Aayla asked. “A little.” Venus replied. The ramp lowered allowing Aayla and Venus to leave. Aayla lead Venus to the air taxi where they then were taken to the Jedi Temple. Once they arrived, Aayla took Venus to the Jedi Council. Yoda, Windu, and other masters were in the circular room.

“Welcome back Aayla, and welcome Venus Eclipse to Coruscant,” Master Windo greeted when they entered the room. Venus nodded in a respectful way. “Begin your training soon we must. For now, eat and rest from your journey.” Master Yoda said. “But I just got here.” Venus refused, she wanted to start her training right away. “Hmm. Patience you must have. First part of your training this will be.”

Venus was then taken to her dorm nearby the temple. Many other Jedi apprentices stayed here too. On her way there, she began to realize how tired she was. “Master Yoda was right, I am tired.”

The next morning, Venus woke up to the sound of a droid beeping. Venus groaned and looked at the droid. “Time to get up and get ready. Aayla will be here to take you to the Jedi Temple soon.” It said in a bland robotic voice. Venus got up and walked over to her closet. Her dorm was very nice. It was mainly beige colored with bits of red and blue. One side of the wall was a big window that looked out to the Jedi Temple. Her bed was oval shaped with red sheets that matched the curtains. The floor was a warm grey carpet with abstract designs. There was also a chair and table along the wall that had the door. The chair was wooden with a blue pillow that matched some on her bed. Adjacent to that wall was her closet. On the same wall that her bed was aligned was the door to her bath.

Venus approached her closet and opened the doors. Inside was the clothing she was in yesterday. A simple linen shirt, a brown long sleeve under shirt, long johns, warm pants, winter boots, and a leather belt. For sleepwear, Venus had put on a simple shirt and pants. Venus took off her sleepwear and slipped on a cream undershirt and matching leggings. Over this she put on a loose beige short sleeve shirt and brown pants. Over this she put a leather vest with a matching belt that fit snugly on her body. To top it off, she put on leather boots. Venus looked at her reflection. Her long blonde hair draped over her shoulders and covered her to her waist. She looked around and found a string of leather and used it to tie her hair up in a ponytail.

Aayla arrived and took her to the Jedi Temple. “Did you sleep well?” She asked. Venus nodded as they sat in the air taxi. They were dropped off at the temple and Aayla lead Venus inside to a study hall. Younglings like Venus were scattered among the tables surrounded by books. Some were hand written while others were digital copies. The older apprentices in the room would grab books from the higher shelves using the force and would sometimes help the younger ones if they weren’t capable of such a task.

Aayla took Venus to a quiet corner with a small table and chair. “To begin your training, I would like to cover the history of the Jedi.” Aayla said wile pulling a chair out for Venus to sit in. She left but shortly returned carrying three books and set them on the table. Venus took the first one from the stack and opened it to a random page. Symbols and text lined the papers. Using both the books and her knowledge, Aayla taught Venus about the history of the Jedi and the Sith. The discovery of the force and the rising of the dark side.

By the end of the day Venus had been taught the entire Jedi history. Her head ached from all the information. Aayla encouraged her to meditate on what she learned, especially since she would give her a test tomorrow over what she had taught.


The next day, Venus took her test and passed, missing just five out of thirty questions. Aayla was impressed. “Did you meditate last night?” she asked. “Yes Master.” Venus replied. “Good, very good. Normally the Younglings don’t do this the first time and learn their lesson the hard way.” Aayla praised. Venus gleamed with pride. “So when will I get to use a lightsaber?” Venus asked. According to what she had learned, lightsabers were really new to the Jedi. Jedi had been using the force for thousands of year but only a few hundred years ago did they start wielding lightsabers. “That won’t be till a while.” Aayla said. “You still need to study more and learn to control the force. But with hard work and dedication, you will reach that level before you know it.”

After two weeks of studying more Jedi history and the ways of the force, Venus made it past the first level of her training. For the next few months, she trained with Aayla on wielding the force. They started out with simply feeling the small details around them to picking up large boulders. For the following month, Venus turned three years old and began to study the martial arts of wielding a lightsaber. This included reading and taking test and watching the older apprentices. Master Yoda said that from others, we can learn ourselves. Finally, once she passed her tests from watching and reading about lightsaber combat, she was given her own lightsaber.

Aayla lead Venus to a large room with other young Jedi who were on the same level as her. Some were her same age while others were up to 5 years older than her. Master Yoda was leading the class. All the padawans were seated together before Master Yoda with their legs crossed. Aayla had explained that this next level of her training would include training with other Masters and training with other apprentices. “Welcome Venus. Younglings, a new member we have.” Master Yoda greeted. All the apprentices turned their heads to look at Venus. “This is Venus, joining our class she will. Please take a seat.” Venus cautiously approached the other apprentices. She found an empty space and sat down in it. Aayla smiled at her from the door then left. Next to Venus was a boy a few years older than her.

“Hello.” He said in a warm and friendly voice. “Hi.” Venus replied. “I’m Obi-Wan.” He introduced himself. Venus smiled. “I’m-“ “Venus” He finished her sentence. “Um yes.” Venus replied. “Alright younglings, let us rise and turn on our light sabers.” Yoda commanded. “Want to talk later?” Obi-Wan asked. “Sure” Venus replied. “Now repeat the rules with me.”

“Always use extreme caution when using a lightsaber; never swing a lightsaber at anyone even in a playful way, always sheath your saber when your not using it.” All the children recited with Yoda. The students then turned on their sabers. Some were green and some were blue. Venus turned hers on. The blue beam blazed coolly and gave the air around it a blue tone. “Today, we will be working on reflexes.” Yoda turned his head and remotes flew in through the entrance. They were darkly colored with the Jedi symbol painted on them. One hovered in front of Venus where she noticed small holes covering it.

“Now make some space for you and make sure you can’t hit anyone else.” Yoda suggested. The children began to move around the room making space and keeping a safe distance from each other. Venus found a good open spot near the center of the room by Yoda.

“Focus on your surroundings. Feel the remotes actions.” Yoda instructed. As soon as he finished, the remotes began to move, evolving around the children. Venus eyed hers carefully. Suddenly, it shot a beam at her. It zapped her side and Venus squeaked from the pain. Yoda turned to her noise though he didn’t say anything, he just observed. Venus, knowing she was being watched, opened her senses. She followed the droid with her eye. It stopped. Venus swung her saber in the way as it shot a beam at her. The beam was absorbed by the saber.

“Mmm.” Yoda sounded. Venus continued to block beams, a couple still hitting her though. After 10 minutes passed, Yoda had everyone stop. “Good, good. Take a break we shall.” All the sabers sheathed as according to the rules. The remotes hovered in the air in a passive way. “Obi-Wan, much better than last time you were. Ashoka, Yuma, Terra, still struggling you are. Venus, impressed I am. Good for a beginner you are.” Venus smiled and blushed by Yoda’s compliment.

“Now, a challenge you must do. Put blind-helmets on, Obi-Wan, Filo, Era-tae, Venus.” Yoda turned his head in the direction of helmets lined neatly on a shelf near the back of the room. Obi-Wan lead the selected students over too the shelf. They grabbed a helmet and returned to their place in the room. Venus did the same. She watched as they placed the helmets on their heads. She mimicked them and placed hers on her head. As their name proclaims, the helmet completely cut off her vision except for what was bellow her.

“Rest of you, gather and observe with me.” Yoda said. Venus heard the fumbling of footsteps as the apprentices moved around. When they silenced the passive remotes began to hum angerly. “Turn on your lightsabers.” Yoda instructed. Venus did as told. She could hear the remote circling her. Abruptly, the remote shot a beam at her. It hit her shoulder since she swung too late. She did this three times till she finally blocked a beam. She struggled more with this than without the helmet, Blocking one out of five beams shot at her.

“Good, you may stop now.” Yoda said. Venus heard the sabers sheathand the mad humming of the remotes quieted. Venus took her helmet off, the light hurt her eyes a little. “Much better you have gotten Obi-Wan and Era-tae. Filo, be careful with the saber you must be.” Venus turned to look a Filo he was clutching his arm where Venus could see a minor burn mark. “Venus, more practice you will need. Use your feelings, not your eyes.” Venus nodded acknowledging she would take his advice.

A few hours later, Venus walked down the hall in the Jedi temple, she was following the group of apprentices from early. They were going to have lunch together. Obi-Wan was walking next to her. Venus was wishing she could see Aayla, it had been a while since she’d seen her. “Are you ok?” Obi-Wan asked. “Yah I’m fine.” Venus replied. “You sure, I can sense your uneasy.” Venus had guessed Obi-Wan was sensing her anxiousness. “Its been a while since I have seen my master.” Venus admitted. “Yah, I don’t like these days either. Our masters still have to train too you know. Jedi Masters like Yoda take us on and train us and see how much we know, almost like they need to make sure we are learning correctly, then once our masters are done training by lunch, Yoda goes and meets with them and suggests some training techniques to help us.” Obi-Wan explained. “How do you know that?” Venus asked. “I don’t really know if that’s exactly what they do, but it’s a good guess.” Venus nodded. “Although it’s nice to get a break from our masters and talk with the other apprentices, Yoda says learning alone is best for some and learning with others is best for some. This combination allows the benefits of both.”

They came into the lunch room where many apprentices, many older than Venus, were gathered in clusters at the tables. Waitress droids rolling around on one wheel zigzagged around delivering food to the hungry Jedi. “Come sit with me and my friends.” Obi-Wan took Venus’s hand and dragged her along to a table. Seated at it was Ashoka, Juaro, and Laios. Ashoka was an orange Togruta with blue horns. Juaro was human like Venus and Obi-Wan and Laios was a Miraluka.

To be continued


The Trophy




The Fire


A New Courage

The Rescue

Blow it Up

The Ice

Shadow of a Doubt

The Clouds

Second Rescue

The Moon

New Beginnings

The Arrival

The Darkness

Venus, Finn, Hans and Chewie sat in the Millennium Falcon as they traveled at lightspeed. “So, how are we getting in?” Finn asked. “Their shields have a fractional refresh rate which keeps anything slower than lightspeed from entering.” Han answered. “Wait! We are making are approach at lightspeed!” Finn gasped. Chewie exclaimed in reply. “Hold on.” Han said. Venus sat gripped Han’s seat while Finn gripped Chewie’s. “And, now!”

Han pulled back on a lever and they came out of light speed right before a cliff face. Chewie yelled. “I am pulling up!” Han shouted back. They flew through the forest knocking down trees as they went. Chewie kept yelling. “Any higher then they’ll see us!” Han replied. They finally came out of the forest. Han pulled down to land the Falcon. They slid across the hill, Venus saw that there was a cliff right before them. She held her breath. They slid and stopped right on the ledge. Venus breathed out a sigh of relief.

They walked out into the snowy landscape and approached the ledge. Chewie started complaining. “The flooding tunnel is just over that ridge, we will get in that way.” Finn said pointing to it. “Hey kid, what job did you have here?” Hans asked Finn. “Sanitation.” He answered, still looking out from the cliff. Hans grabbed Finn’s shoulder and forced him to face him. “Sanitation?” Hans starred at Finn in disbelief. “Then how do you know how to disable the shields?” “I don’t. I’m just here to get Rey.” Finn replied. Venus smiled slightly. Finn had been concerned about her ever since Kylo Ren took her. “He probably has a crush on her.”

“People are counting on us. The galaxy is counting on us.” Hans stated. “Solo, we’ll figure it out. We’ll use the force!” Finn replied in a determined voice. “That not how the force works.” Han said looking at Finn as if he were stupid. Chewie growled. “Oh really you’re cold?” Han looked a Chewie. “Come on.” Finn turned and ran toward the flooding tunnels. Han, Venus, and Chewie followed.

As they followed Finn, Venus looked up in the sky. It looked like something was sucking the energy out of the Sun. “Finn.” Venus called to him. He stopped and turned. “Is that what you meant when it uses the power of the sun?” Venus pointed to the local star. Finn followed her hand and looked at it too. “Yes.” Finn confirmed. “Then we need to hurry, their weapon will be ready to fire when the sun is gone.”

They dashed across the snow covered field to the flood tunnels. Once inside, Finn lead them to an entrance inside the tunnels. They climbed up a latter to an air lock door. Finn typed a code in the lock and the door opened. “Smart kid.” Han complimented. Finn ushered Venus in first. She looked around, the architecture remined her of the death star, yet chunks of rock stuck out from the walls. “They built their base in the planet?” Venus asked. “These were caves once.” Finn replied. “It saved work to just clean them up rather than building.”

Finn lead them down a hall, “We need to take the elevator to the third level, there is where the control panel is for the shields.” “Still know how you going to disable them?” Han questioned. Finn didn’t answered. Venus and Han looked at each other. Finn pressed the button that summoned the elevator. The elevator doors opened and they went inside. They were lifted to the third floor. When it the doors opened to let them out, a stormtrooper was on the other side waiting to enter. “Hey!” He shouted, Chewie blasted him and it fell to the ground. They exited the elevator. “The longer we’re here, the less luck we’ll have.” Han looked around cautiously. “The shields?” “I have an idea about that.” Finn replied.

They followed Finn down the corridor till they got to a curve. “Hide” He whispered loudly. He peeked around the corner then hid himself. “We need to get Phasma, she wears metallic armor than white.” Hans nodded to Finn then winked at Chewie. As they sat in silence, Venus began to hear the sound of metal boots clinking against the floor, a stormtrooper covered in silver armor and a black cape draping off one shoulder came around the corner. At the right moment, Chewie jumped out and knocked it over. Finn and Han ran out to restrain it. Venus approached as well. They helped it up; Han and Chewie held their blasters to its head, Finn stood in front of it.

“You remember me?” Finn asked. “FN-2187” She replied. Venus stood a bit shocked, she had never heard of a female trooper before. Finn’s energy rose. “Not anymore. The names Finn and I’m in charge.” A smile grew on his face as he repeated his words. “I’m in charge now, Phasma, I’m in Charge!” Venus starred at Finn. Han placed his hand on his shoulder. “Bring it down, bring it down.” Han softly commanded. “Yeah.” Finn whispered in agreement. He returned his gaze to Phasma, pride pulsing off him. “Follow me.” Finn commanded.

Leaving Phasma no choice, Finn lead the group down the hall, hiding when more troopers would come by. Venus would have to threaten to use the force if Phasma made a peep. Finn turned her into a room, troopers were inside. Finn opened fire, and Venus activated her saber. Once they killed the stormtroopers in the room, Han turned and locked the door. Finn grabbed Phasma and lead her too the control panel. Above this was a view of the planet and the shield status. “Lower the shields. Finn held his blaster to her head. Phasma stared at the screen doing nothing. “Do you want me to blast that bucket off your head? Lower the shields!” Finn enforced with a stern voice. “Do you want me to use the force?” Venus asked. “You’re making a big mistake.” Phasma turned to Finn. He held his blaster up in defense. “Do it.” He commanded. Chewie growled to make the order more intimidating. Phasma turned to the panel and pressed a few buttons. The instruments beeped as she made commands to the computer. Finn left Phamsa while Venus watched. “Solo, if this works then we’re not going to have a lot of time to find Rey.” Finn discussed with Solo. Don’t worry kid, we won’t leave here without her.”

Venus looked at Finn. She admired his loyalty, common among all stormtroopers, but found where his allegiances lied elsewhere. Phasma pressed a few more buttons then the computer made a declining beep. Phasma turned around, anger coming off her in waves. Venus glared back, she knew Phasma was too smart to take on a Jedi, yet she still displayed attitude and power. “You can’t be so stupid as to think this will be easy. My troops will storm this block and kill you all.” Finn approached her and held his blaster to her neck. “I disagree. What do we want to do with her?” Finn asked Han. “Is there a garbage chute, trash compactor?” Venus smiled, remembering when they rescued Leia and almost ended up squashed in one. “Yah there is.” Finn picked up on the sensation and smiled. Phamsa looked at Han. Venus didn’t need to see her face to tell she was fearing her life now.

Finn dragged her out of the room and down the hall to a door in the side of the wall marked with a trash symbol. “You will regret this.” Phamsa warned. Han and Finn pinned her against the door. “Hmm, I don’t think so.” Finn shoved her into the door with his weight, she made no screech of terror as she fell though. “Okay. Now we find Rey.” Han said. Finn smiled. “We should split up, we can cover more ground faster.” “No, it’s too dangerous, safety in numbers.” Han countered. “It will take too long.” Finn replied desperate. “Ahem.” Venus coughed. The boys stopped and looked at her. “Perhaps, we use the force now?” Venus nodded to Finn, reminding them what he said earlier. Venus reached out with her feelings, she sensed where all the troopers were. As she spanned out further she finally sensed her. “Rey” She whispered. But she wasn’t the only one Venus picked up. A darker form of the force was nearby, she had sensed it before. “Kylo Ren.” She shook her head and opened her eyes. “This way.”

Venus lead them through more halls and corridors then down an elevator. She stopped at an intersection. “She’s close.” Venus breathed, yet she suddenly became confused. “She should be here.” She looked around. Han starred at her, he almost seemed disappointed. “I think she is behind that blast door, but there are some storm troopers there. “Okay then, we’ll set the charges on it. I’ll go in and draw fire but I’m going to need cover.” Finn said. Venus noticed as they came closer to finding Rey, the more brave Finn was getting. Venus could sense courage and hope in him yet, flash backs to his first battle discouraged him.

“Sure your up for this?” Han asked. “Gosh, no. I will go in and try to find Rey, but the troopers will be on our trail. We have to be ready for that.” Han turned his gaze away from Finn and past him. Venus followed it and saw Rey, climbing on the side of the wall on the other side of the window. “There’s an access tunnel that leads-“ Han nodded his head in Rey’s direction. “Why are you doing that? Why are you doing this?” Finn nodded his head like Han was. “I’m trying to come up with a plan.” Han starred at him then pointed. Finn turned his head. He walked over to the window and smiled. “Rey.” He whispered. Venus sensed relief flowing off him like a calm stream. “He is definitely in love with her.” Venus thought. Finn turned to look at Han and Venus. “Quick this way.”

Finn led them through some more halls, as they came around a corner, they nearly ran into her. Rey gasped and held up her blaster as instinct, Han and Finn gasped and did the same. Once they realized it was each other they lowered their weapons. “You all right?” Han asked. Rey starred at all them in disbelief. “Yeah.” Rey replied calming down. “Good.” Han replied and looked around to make sure there weren’t any troopers coming. Venus could sense Finn’s feelings exploding within him. “Who are you?” Rey asked Venus. “Oh, sorry, I’m Venus Eclipse.” Venus held out her hand. Rey shaked. “Nice to meet you.” Rey said. Venus began to pick up on her feelings. She had been through a lot. Fear, anger, and relief revolved around her.

“What happened to you? Did he hurt you?” Finn asked worried. Venus knew he was talking about Kylo Ren. Venus suddenly felt the force grow strong around herself, she could see a dark forest covered in snow, a man dressed in black holding a red saber was approaching. The vision faded away. “We are to meet in battle.” Venus interpreted her vision. As dark as it may predict, Venus was a little excited to have sensed the future.

“Finn, what are you doing here?” Rey asked. “We came back for you.” Finn explained. Chewie exclaimed something and Rey and Finn looked at him. “What did he say?” “That it was your idea.” Rey replied in astonishment. Rey walked forward and hugged Finn. Finn hugged her back, holding her tightly. Venus smiled, she could sense his emotions surrounding him, yet Rey didn’t seem to project these same feelings. She was more thankful rather than casting feelings for Finn. “Thank you.” She said. “How did you get away?” Finn asked still holding her. “I can’t explain it, and you wouldn’t believe it.” Rey replied. She looked up at Venus. Venus returned her gaze, she knew what it was, Rey had the force.

Han came up to them in a quick movement. “Escape now, hug later.” Rey and Finn broke their hug. Finn lead them back to the elevator. “Okay, let’s get back to the Falcon without running into anymore troopers.” Han suggested. Chewie grunted in agreement. Venus could sense Rey was still uneasy. “What was he like?” Venus asked her. Rey starred at her, fear flickering in the shadows of her eyes. “A monster.” She replied. Venus decided not to press anymore out of her.

Finn lead them out of the base and back out into the forest. “Falcon is this way, come on.” Finn shouted. As they ran, Venus could hear blasters firing ahead. They came to a clearing and looked up, it was a thermal oscillator with X-Wings flying in and firing at it. TIE fighters hunted them down and shot them out of the air to protect their oscillator. “They’re in trouble. We can’t leave.” Han said. “My friend’s got a bag full of explosives.” Han turned to the group. “Let’s use them.” Han looked back at the oscillator. Han turned and ran, followed by Chewie, Finn, Rey and Venus.

They got to the Falcon, Han ran inside and grabbed his bags of explosives. He gave one to Chewie. They ran back. “Me and Chewie will go in and place the bombs. Rey, I need you to open the blast doors so we can get in, they are going to have it heavily guarded and on lockdown. Venus, Finn, stay with Rey.” Han commanded. When they returned to the oscillator, they split up. Venus followed Rey and Finn to the edge of the oscillator. Finn ran up to the side and started and feeling till he found a handle. He pulled it then pushed. The door opened and revealed the electrical systems. Rey starred at it a bit overwhelmed but summoned up her confidence and ran inside. Finn and Venus followed. They came up to an electrical center system guarded by a door, Rey opened it and scanned inside. She eyed a piece plugged in to the side and started pulling on it. Rey yanked it out and held it in her hand. “That should do it.” She said and tossed it aside.

They then ran out of the electrical room. Finn lead them to a latter that climbed up the side of the oscillator. “We can get in this way.” He said as he began climbing followed by Rey. Right before Venus began climbing, she stopped, the force was starting to move darkly. “Kylo Ren.” He was near. Venus started climbing. “Hurry” she shouted. She was beginning to get a bad feeling in her gut. They reached the top of the latter that lead to a blast door. When they approached, it opened to a balcony that viewed inside the oscillator. They looked around then saw Han. He was walking down the center bridge over the center, the light from the open doors casted down upon Han and a dark figure. “Kylo Ren.” Venus breathed.

His appearance left the impression of Darth Vader. Black garments draped off his body torn and battered. His helmet had scratches and a dent on it. Venus sensed the force darkly surrounding him.

“Take off that mask. You don’t need it.” Han commanded as he approached Kylo Ren. As Han came dangerously closer to him, Venus then realized the relationship between them. “Kylo Ren is the son of Leia and Han.”

“What do you think you will see if I do?” Kylo Ren responded.

“The face of my Son.” Han replied. Finn and Rey looked down, surprise accompanying their thoughts. Kylo Ren took his helmet off. Venus starred at him. Black ivory hair draped down around his head and ended at his neck, striking green eyes with hints of brown glared in hatred at Han. “He does look a little handsome.” Venus thought but quickly sent it away.

“Your son is gone. He was weak and foolish like his father, so I destroyed him.” Kylo Ren snapped. 
“That’s what Snoke wants you to believe but it’s not true.” Han countered.  He continued to walk towards Kylo Ren.  He stopped a few feet before him.  “My son is alive.”

“No. The Supreme Leader is wise.”

“Snoke is using you for your power. When he gets what he wants, he’ll crush you.” Han paused and inched closer. “You know it’s true.”

“It’s too late.”

“No it’s not. Leave here with me come home. We miss you.” Han stared into his son’s eyes. Venus could sense something stirring deep inside Kylo Ren. Hurt, pain, anger, ambition.

“I’m being torn apart.” Kylo Ren’s voice began to break tears filled his eyes. “I want to be free of this pain. I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?”

“Yes. Anything.”

Venus put her hands to her mouth. Han was being tricked. The way the force moved darkly around Kylo Ren didn’t match up with his submissive behavior.

Kylo dropped his helmet on the ground and pulled out his lightsaber. He held it out to Han who grabbed it. As they stood there, the light faded from behind Venus, Finn, and Rey. They looked back and saw the sun disappear. They turned there gazes back to Han and Kylo Ren. The anger in Kylo Ren rose.

“Oh no.” Venus breathed, tears already gathering in her eyes. Suddenly, Kylo Ren activated his saber and shoved it into Han. Han starred back in astonishment and pain. Chewie howled in agony. “No!” Rey shouted. Finn had his hand on his mouth. Venus bit her lip, a tear rolled down her cheek. Kylo Ren shoved the saber deeper into Han who winced from the burning. “Thank you.” Kylo Ren said to Han. He yanked it out. Han stood there for a second. Using the last of his strength, he placed his hand on the side of Kylo Ren’s face before falling into the abyss of the oscillator.

Chewie yelled and fired at Kylo Ren. The beam hit his side and he yelled out in pain. Chewie then started firing at the stormtroopers. Finn and Rey began to too, covering for Venus. Rapidly, the bombs went off tearing apart the side of the oscillator. Finn, Rey and Venus covered their eyes from the flare. Kylo Ren gazed up at them, Venus looked back at him. Through the hatred in his eye, Venus saw something else but it was gone as quickly as it came. He stood up and began to walk forward in pursuit of them.

Rey grabbed Finns hand and dragged him back to the latter. Once they got to the bottom of it they ran into the forest in hopes of hiding. They climbed over a ledge and looked back, flames flickered inside from where the detonators exploded. “The Falcon’s this way.” Finn said and took the lead. They stopped suddenly to the sound of a lightsaber turning on. They all looked at each other and cautiously approached. Before them was Kylo Ren. His lightsaber emitting a red glow in the dark woods.

“We’re not done yet.” Kylo Ren glared at them.

“You’re a monster.” Rey growled.

“It’s just us now, Han Solo can’t save you now.”

Venus raised her brow, Kylo Ren was so focused on defeating Rey and Finn he hadn’t noticed the way the force surrounded Venus. He banged his side with his fist, forcing blood to squirt out from where Chewie had hit him. Venus stared at the scarlet drops on the white snow.

Rey aimed her blaster at Kylo Ren, anger and pain pulsing from her. Kylo Ren pushed her back with the force hitting her against a tree. The impact knocked Rey out. “Rey!” Finn shouted and ran to her side. Venus right next to him. Venus placed her hand over her heart, “I can help her, but I need time.” Venus looked at Finn. Kylo approached them and spun his saber in his hands. “Traitor!” He shouted at Finn. Through Finn’s fear, Venus began to sense anger. He took out Luke’s saber stood up and turned it on.

“That lightsaber, it belongs to me.” Kylo Ren pointed to it.

“Come get it.” Finn replied.

Venus heard the sabers clash, Finn slowly drawing Kylo away from Rey. Venus focused her energy on Rey. She reached her feelings out, the force was still moving around her, but needed help. She started feeling a connection to Rey’s force and started to give it a push. Venus was interrupted when she heard Finn shouting. She turned and saw Kylo Ren swing his saber and knock Finn to the ground, Luke’s saber flying off.

Kylo turned and looked at Venus. Venus stood up and took out her saber and activated it. Kylo Ren starred at her for a second, unimpressed. Venus smirked and took out her other one. She let one side turn on, paused for a dramatic effect and let the other side activate. She spun them around her in a defensive way. The blue and red beams illuminated her face. Kylo Ren ran forward at her, Venus did the same. Kylo Ren thrusted his saber forward to connect with her belly but Venus jumped and flipped over him. Venus tried to hit his back but he spun around and blocked it. Using her free saber, she swung it under to cut his leg. Kylo Ren jumped back and kept his distance for a second. He was contemplating how to fight off Venus. Venus dashed forward knowing the more time he had, the harder he would be to defeat him. He blocked her swing and used one of the side sabers to block Venus’s blue saber. Venus backed off swung her blue saber at him which he blocked. She twisted around using her blue saber as a shield and using her red one as offense. Kylo blocked her attack. Using her now free blue saber, she tried to impale his face. He jerked his head back then tried to hit Venus. Venus crossed her sabers to create a strong block. Kylo Ren tried to push down on her but with the strength of two sabers against one, Venus easily pushed him off. She spun in an advanced maneuver swung her sabers under together and tried to connect to his body. He blocked this by holding his saber horizontal. He used his weight to smash Venus’s sabers into the ground. He succeeded in doing so deactivating Venus’s blue saber and part of her red saber. Venus dropped her blue saber and held her red saber up. Kylo Ren lunged forward pressing his attack. Venus blocked and leaned into her defense. He pressed hard against Venus’s last saber. He then jumped back. Venus leaped forward to defeat him but realized it too late. It was a trap. Kylo Ren dodged as Venus flew past him and landed hard in the snow. Venus turned over to get up. Instead of killing her, Kylo waved his hand over her head causing Venus to fall asleep.


Venus moaned and rocked her head. The air around her was warm from when she last remembered. She could hear the vibration of engines and the slight shifts in gravity. As here senses returned to her she realized she was being held by someone. Venus opened her eyes and starred straight at Kylo Ren’s face. She jumped, startled and started twisting to get out of his grip. He dropped her from her sudden movement. Venus landed on her feet and turned to grab her saber from her belt. Her hand gripped air. She widen her eyes and twisted to reach for her other one which was missing too. The troopers accompanying Kylo Ren held their blasters up.

Venus growled and held her hands up. She looked at Kylo Ren who was putting his hand up to send her to sleep. “Don’t try and play anymore mind tricks on me.” Venus said, creating a mental shield using the force. Kylo Ren lowered his hand. Veus noticed a fresh wound charred black on his cheek and disappeared under his clothing. “Did I do that?” Venus asked her self, though she had no memory of her sbaers connecting to him. He walked forward and snatched Venus by the arm and dragged her back to where he had been standing. “Where are we going?” She asked through gritted teeth. “Snoke’s Ship.” He replied. Venus felt a pit form in her stomach. Though she had never seen Snoke, she sensed from Kylo Ren’s feelings that Snoke was powerful.

Once the ship landed, Venus was dragged out and taken straight to Snoke. The room in which he stayed was grand and left the impression of feeling tiny. The walls were red and guards dressed in red camouflaged with the surroundings. The main attraction of the room though was the throne and seated upon it, an old mangled man. Or someone who once was a man. Snoke watched Kylo Ren guide Venus toward him. Every instinct in Venus’s body told her not to get any closer. This person was powerful.

“Is this the girl?” Snoke asked in a hollow raspy voice. “No Supreme Leader, but she has the force.” Kylo Ren forced Venus down on her knees. Venus looked down. Venus’s head jolted up quickly, Snoke starred into her eyes. Venus realized she was frozen and couldn’t move. “You are quite powerful.” Snoke concluded. “But why do you still call yourself an apprentice?” Venus gritted her teeth. She tried to jerk away but Snoke’s force was too powerful. “She is still an apprentice?” Kylo Ren asked a bit surprised. “For over a century.” Snoke replied. Venus could sense Kylo Ren starring at her. “She is very skilled with a saber.” Kylo Ren added. “But weak in the force.” Snoke finished. “Stop talking about me.” Venus grunted and was able to push back Snoke’s force. She fell down but caught herself with her hands. “Take her to a cell. I leave it up to you Kylo Ren, to convert her.” Snoke said. Two stormtroopers came and forced Venus to her feet. As they dragged her out she heard Snoke say, “This will be the final test of your training.”

The stormtroopers dragged her down the halls and to the detention block. They brought her up to a torture chair and locked her in it. Shortly after being secured, Kylo Ren entered. “So tell me about yourself.” Kylo Ren asked. Venus kept her mouth shut. “Okay then.” Ren walked over and smashed one of the buttons on the chair. Electricity zapped at her legs leaving Venus stunned. She grunted from the pain. “Let me ask you again, who are you?” Venus still remained silent. Kylo hit the button again. The electricity was stronger and zapped her legs and arms. Venus yelled from the pain. “Tell me, don’t be afraid. The more you resist, the more the pain will hurt.” Venus reached out with her feelings, Kylo seemed desperate, not to pass his test but for something else.

Kylo hit the button again and the electricity zapped Venus’s whole body but her head. Smoke rose from where it contacted her clothes. Kylo walked in front of the chair. He starred at Venus. Venus groaned. Kylo nodded to a stormtrooper who pressed a different button. Venus couldn’t see what it was, but she felt blade meet her flesh near her head. It cut a little bit, enough to draw blood the receded. She felt the scarlet fluid drip down the side of her head. “I will give you one last chance” Kylo threatened. Venus narrowed her eye in a challenging way. “I dare you.” After no response Kylo stepped forward and held his hand out to her head. A sudden pressure came upon her mind. She strained, Kylo was using the force to see into her memories. Venus tried to build a defense against him, but she was so weak already. She squeezed her eyes shut, the pressure building so strong. She screeched causing the troopers to grab their helmets.

Venus opened her eyes, she wasn’t sitting in the chair anymore but was still standing in the interrogation cell. Kylo Ren was standing before her. “Get out of my head!” She yelled. Their surroundings suddenly started changing, twisting disoriented. The colors began changing till the room turned into Coruscant. Venus’s gaze was dragged to herself, her young self. Only two years old training outside the temple with Aayla. “How old are you?” Kylo asked. “I lost count when I turned 100.” She replied. Kylo starred at her. She knew he was baffled by how young she appeared. Venus tried to resist his power as he pressed for more answers. “I’m going to find out no matter what, you can only make it harder for yourself if you try to resist.” Kylo pressured. Venus cleared her mind. She decided it wasn’t worth resisting.

Their surroundings began to change again, the warm colors of the Tatooine desert blew with the wind. In the distance, Venus could see the Queen’s star ship and in it, her and Obi-Wan analyzing Anikan’s blood sample. The glass from the window prevented their words from reaching them. The desert sand blew away to the lava lands, Venus gasped, she saw herself swinging on the wire, Anikan swinging towards her. She watched as that tiny mistake lead her body crashing into Anikan’s She dropped from the wire and nearly landed in the lava if the metal bar didn’t catch her. “No!” Obi-Wan’s voice echoed in the blurry world.

“You had feelings for Obi-Wan?” Kylo Ren starred at her. Venus bowed her head, “It wasn’t real. He never felt the same anyway.” Venus saw the charred ground below her change into a glossy black floor. She looked up and saw Darth Vader and Obi-Wan fighting. When Obi-Wan disappeared, Venus jumped forward and began fighting Darth Vader in vengeance. Kylo, however, had his eyes fixed on Luke, Leia, and Han who watched as Venus and Darth Vader fought. The surroundings changed again to Endor. Venus was standing next to Leia, starring up at the sky. The Death Star exploded in the sky, while the Ewoks around them began cheering.

The scene shifted to the dark forest from recently. Venus and Kylo Ren starring at their mirrored figures. Venus growled, making an attempt to push Kylo out of her thoughts. Venus jumped and found herself back in the chair. Kylo Ren still had his hand held out but took it away. “You knew my grandfather.” Kylo Ren breathed. Venus began to notice the similarity in their faces.

“You’re one hundred and thirty-four years old. How.” Kylo Ren asked, very astonished. Venus looked down. “Why don’t you take a walk through my memories again, you missed a lot.” Venus replied while she tried to reach to her sisters. “I need you Avalon. I can’t win this battle without you.” Yet no reply came. Kylo Ren reached out with his hand again.

Venus looked up, around her were stars, particularly seven bright ones. This was a memory. The mark of the Pleidies appeared on her arm as a black tattoo. Kylo Ren looked at it confused. Venus smirked. Slowly, Avalon, Saturna, Evalon, Azitain, Jupiter, and Hakwin each faded into view. Avalon had her impressive wings, her cat ears perked up straight. Saturna had her black armor on and her golden cape accompanied by her staff. Evalon had her traditional enderman clothing, her black wings spreadout wide, her horns pointed sharply. Jupiter had her twin knifes in her hands, her yellows eyes determined to hunt down a skypeoples. Hakwin had her deerhide dress on with bright colorful feathers dangling from her hair, her spear held in her right hand. Venus took her spot next to Avalon and Jupiter, her image more vivid than the others.

Kylo Ren’s eyes flicked between them. “I am Venus Seka Eclipse. My celestial name is Electra, I have been alaive for this long because she is a celestial and she is my sister.” Venus pointed to Avalon. She didn’t move and only stood like a statue. Kylo Ren blinked. Slowly the memory faded and darkness clouded Venus’s vision. She opened her eyes and found herself back in the chair. Kylo’s hand was in front of her face, he pulled it away.

“Well, its nice to meet you Venus Seka Eclipse, I am Kylo Ren.” Venus rolled her eyes.

“You are quite powerful. Did you know that?” Venus looked at him. She had always known she had power but she never admitted she was extremely powerful.

“This power, can only be controlled by the dark side of the force.”

“I will never join you!” Venus snarled. She lunged out of her chair but the restraints held her back.

“We will see about that.” Kylo held his hand up to her face again.

The Choice

Venus focused on clouding her thoughts with a thick blizzards and storms so Kylo Ren couldn’t read her thoughts. One hundred thirty-four years to this moment. Would she stand for what those long years of training had been for, or will she throw that all away for a fresh start. Venus scanned through her memories. From when she first arrived at Coruscant to meeting Rey, Finn, and Poe. In between she remembered the Sith, the Clone Wars, The Galactic Empire, now today all these are the First Order. No matter how hard the light tried, the dark seemed to always remain. There had been times when the light was stronger than the dark and the dark stronger than the light but both remained. For 134 years she fought with the light, for liberty, yet she has seen what liberty destroys and it has destroyed order.

Beads of sweat formed on her head as she struggled against Kylo Ren’s force. He was breaking through her defense. Venus then decided to turn the tables on him. She let him see her memories again but through this link, she looked into his. She now knew his goals, his fears, his praises. She saw how Luke tried to kill him and the confusion he went through. She saw his only refuge with Snoke. She saw the world through his eyes. From his point of view, everything was backwards. As she looked through his memories, Venus found a fresh one, the moment they met in the woods on Star Killer base. This memory seemed to dominate the rest. But why.

Kylo Ren realized the trick she was playing and pulled away his hand and starred at her with an expression of astonishment, embarrassment, and anger. He quickly shook it off and resumed his interrogation look. “Look at how long this war has been raging on.” He pointed out now with a knowledge of Venus’s history. “For 134 years you have been fighting. But look now, your Resistance is the mouse, the First Order is the cat. I know, you know, the dark side has slowly been becoming stronger and stronger throughout the years. When it is struck down, it bites back with more power. It is something that cannot be destroyed. Why fight it when you can help it. Once we conquer the galaxy, only then will there ever be peace and order.” Kylo encircled the chair and returned his gaze to Venus’s one eye. “What about freedom?” Venus shot back. She tried to lunge out of her chair but the restraints prevented it so. “Freedom is the cause of this whole mess. Someone was given the freedom to turn against their masters and war was born. Without order, there is no peace.”

Venus felt her heart drop, as much as she didn’t want to, she believed his words. She then thought of all those who had died. Obi-Wan, Luke, Hans Solo, Anakin, and Yoda. Not just them though, but all the rebels who have given up their life for freedom. Have their efforts been for nothing now?

“Their deaths were unpreventable. Even if they didn’t die when they did, they would have died sooner or later.” Venus realized Kylo was not just saying that to her, but to himself. Hans Solo. He had been reading her mind again and her memory of Han must have triggered something inside him. Venus began to feel compassion for him but stayed in the game. “Think of it Venus, once we have control of the galaxy, these unnecessary deaths will no longer happen. Only a few more lives need to be spent, but all that blood will be worth the power in the end.”

”We?” Venus thought. She could tell he was hiding something. She wanted to find out what it was but it was locked away tightly. “You could finally finish your training.” Kylo added. Venus looked away from him. She knew he could tell he pressed the button. Venus closed her eyes thinking back to Aayla, then to Obi-Wan, then to Luke. All of them dead, and Venus, left at apprentice status. Kylo leaned in close to her. “I could make more powerful than they ever could.” Venus turned her head and met his gaze. Perhaps it was time for a change. She had always locked this thought away in the depths and darkest corners of her mind. The thought of ruling the galaxy.

In his eyes, she could see ambition, hunger, power. A desire to rule over the other rankings. To stand on the highest podium. In the midst of these emotions, there was a second passion, a passion to not be alone in his journey.

Venus bowed her head, the last of her kind, compassionate, benevolent mind in defeat. Blood dripped down her face from the interrogation. She opened her eyes, hate burning inside them. Fire blazing in their shadows. Ambition echoing in her gaze.

“I will join you.” Venus replied.

They starred at each other for a second then Kylo smiled. He turned to the guard and nodded putting his hands behind his back. The guard turned and pressed some buttons beside the chair and the restraints released. Venus jerked away her hands and rubbed her wrists where the restraints held her tightly. She looked at Kylo. He turned intent on exiting out the door. “Come with me.” He ordered.

Venus followed, her heart pounding. This was it. This was her choice. She was now a Jedi of the Dark Side. There was no going back now. She followed Kylo Ren through the halls of the Star Destroyer. She was still on her guard with all the storm troopers and officers. “You can relax now. We are your ally. There is nothing to fear.” Kylo reassured, sensing her uneasiness. Venus growled lightly. “I know that.” She muttered. Kylo led her to a door and pressed the button that opened it. Inside was a dorm with a small table, bed and bath. The table was aligned against the wall with two seats. Parallel to the table was the door to the small bath. Across from the door in the corner was the bed which was really a shelf with a simple black blanket on it. In the center of the ceiling was a simple light. Venus looked around unimpressed.

“Whats wrong?” Kylo asked. “Nothing.” Venus again replied with a hint of anger in her voice. “Ok then. Training starts in 2 hours.” Kylo said and closed Venus in. Venus hmphed then turned to the simple room. The walls were glossy black as was the ceiling and floor. This room was too simple yet she knew it was too nice to be a prison cell. She walked into the bathroom and looked around. A shower, toilet, and sink. She walked out and then noticed two smaller doors next to the entrance. She opened them and saw it was a wardrobe. Black garments were hung from the rails and black boots lined the floor. There was also a mirror in the closet too. Venus starred at herself. She looked at her white shirt and leather belt, vest and pants. She looked back at the black garments then unclothed herself.

She put on a strapless cutoff shirt that wrapped around her chest snugly. She put on black pants and covered this with three pieces of fabric that flowed and waved when she walked. It also resembled a bit like Kylo’s appearance.  Around her shoulders she draped a cape with a hood on it.  The cape was slightly crooked and hung off more loosely on her left shoulder than her right.  Venus looked at herself again now dressed in black.  Now she looked like a Jedi from the Dark Side.  Venus picked up her Darth Maul lightsaber and turned it on.  She posed in the mirror then frowned.  She felt like she looked too much like Darth Maul.  She put that one down then picked up her other lightsaber.  She starred at it for a second then turned it off. She didn’t need the blue one anymore and she didn’t really want her other one either.  Venus peered at her reflection and imagined holding a red lightsaber with a second red blade coming out of the bottom with the same physical properties as the lightsaber blade.  That was her lightsaber.  Her own.  Now only to get it. 

Venus looked over at her bed. Two hours till her first training as Kylo Ren’s apprentice. She took off her cape and extra garments so she was just in her top and pants. She saw a switch near the door that turned off the lights and flicked it off using her force and hopped onto the bed. It was hard and cold but the blanket helped a little. She found a comfortable position and managed to fall asleep.

Venus woke abruptly to the sound of someone knocking on the door. Her sleep had been dark and cold but she at least got some rest. It wasn’t much different from her dorm on the rebellion ship but she was able to relax easier without worrying about the First Order suddenly attacking. She flicked the lights on using the force and sat up. “Yes?” She answered with a croaky voice. “Kylo Ren expects you in thirty minutes for your first training session.” Replied a stormtrooper on the other side. “Ok.” Venus assured and stood up. She stretched the sleep out of her limbs and walked over to the closet. She put on her garments and cloak and looked herself over. She ran her fingers through her hair to get out the tangles and adjusted her eye patch and turned to the door.

She opened it and jumped a little when she saw the stormtrooper. He cocked his head slightly a little confused. “Sorry.” Venus replied a little embarrassed. She looked down both sides of the hall then turned to the stormtrooper. “You don’t mind if you could escort me to where Kylo Ren is?” Venus asked. “Yes Ma’am.” The stormtrooper replied and set off confidently in the right direction. Venus followed feeling prideful on how respectful the stormtrooper was. She followed him through the Star Destroyer to an open room with crates and a few computers but mostly empty.

In the center was Kylo Ren giving orders to a couple of stromtroopers. He had his helmet back on. Once he dismissed them, he turned to face Venus. He looked her over in her new look a bit impressed. He took his helmet off to get a better look. His scar was now covered with a carbon fiber like bandage. As he looked her over, again something flickered behind his eyes. “I like the new look.” He complimented her. “Thank you.” Venus replied walking into the room. He walked over and put his helmet next to the door then came back. “Are you ready to begin?” He asked. Venus nodded. Kylo walked forward towards her. “Why don’t we begin with a test to see how much you know.” Venus narrowed her eye in a daunting way. “Bring it on” She seemed to say through her gaze. “Let’s begin with the basics. Lift up five crates from that corner.” Kylo commanded. Venus turned to face the crates in the corner Kylo pointed too. Venus reached out with her hand and focused on the energy between her fingers and one of the boxes. Once she felt a secure connection she focused on the energy separating the crate from the floor as if creating a pedestal for it. She did this same thing with four other crates.

“Good.” Kylo acknowledged. “Now pick up five more.” Venus focused on five other crates and easily lifted them into the air. “Pick up as many as you can.” Venus looked around herself and felt her pulse accelerate. There were so many, which would she begin with. She took a deep breath and began to pick up the last crates in the corner. Holding those up with her left hand, she reached out with her right to pick up other crates on the side of the wall. She closed her eye and began to strain. There was so much to focus on. She knew there were still more crates behind her. She tried to create a link to the boxes and her head instead of her fingers but she wasn’t feeling it. The more she tried, her head began to hurt and only increase in pain.

She gasped and opened her eye. The crates fell and clattered on the ground. Venus bent over and caught her breath holding her head in the palm of her right hand. “Hmm. Not bad I guess.” Kylo commented. Venus’s heart dropped. Those were the most objects she had ever picked up. “But you can be better.” Venus looked up at him and sighed. She closed her eye and took a deep breath. “What’s next?” She asked. Kylo looked past her. She listened and heard a remote approach.

She turned and saw it was hovering in the air and was shaped like a sphere. There were many buttons all around it and was black in color. “Reflexes.” Kylo answered. Venus took out her lightsaber and turned it on. The blue color clashed with the blacks, greys, and red of the First Order. The remote maneuvered around Venus in the air in a teasing way. Venus eyed it carefully. It suddenly shot a blaster beam at her. Venus quickly repelled it with her saber and it bounced off and hit the wall. The remote moved closer and revolved around her. It shot another beam at her but this Venus deflected too. The remote moved back now and circled to the left a bit. While it was moving though, it shot a beam at Venus. She was unprepared though at the beam zapped her shoulder. It was only a small shock though that didn’t harm her but caused her to jump. She growled and sliced through the remote destroying it. The remote fell to the ground in two with a crash. Venus glared at it and rubbed her shoulder while Kylo smirked lightly.

“What are you smiling about?” Venus snapped. “I did the same thing.” He replied. Venus narrowed her eye at him. “You were good, but you were not focusing on the moment. You were relying more on how fast your brain can process your surroundings rather than feeling them instead and feeling the gears shift and the commands the remote was making before it fired at you.” Venus looked at him a little confused. “Our eyes deceive us, so we cannot trust them. Trust in your feelings instead.” Kylo took out a black garment and wrapped it around Venus’s head completely blinding her. Venus heard another remote approach. She held her lightsaber up in defense and faced the noises the remote caused. Doing what Kylo suggested she reached out with her feelings and sensed the different commands the remote’s computer was making. She heard it command to shoot and Venus blocked the beam 0.5 seconds sooner than the remote shot it. She did this three more times enough to satisfy Kylo.

“Excellent.” Kylo said. He took the blindfold off of her and summoned the remote away. “You’re a good learner.” “Thanks.” Venus replied. “You’re a good teacher.” Kylo shrugged as if he already knew. “Now-“ Kylo took out his lightsaber and turned it on. “We test your saber skills.” His saber blazed angerly. Venus turned on hers and held it up in defense.

They starred at each other for a few seconds, then Kylo took a step forward and brought his blade down. Venus blocked the swing. Kylo brought his back and Venus took the opportunity to get into an offensive position. She swung her saber down and toward his side but he easily blocked this. Venus swung to his other side but he blocked this again. Venus then tried to bring a blow to his face but he blocked this too. Venus put pressure on the block to bring down his saber but he opposed it with the same force. Venus grunted knowing if this wasn’t training, she would be defeated. Kylo twisted the saber so one of the smaller side sabers came dangerously close to Venus’s shoulder. “He is testing me.” Venus thought. She tried to think how to get out of the situation. She focused on one of the crates from earlier and pictured it flying towards Kylo. Just as she pictured, a crate was flung at Kylo. Kylo jumped back just before the crate hit. Venus jumped back too and picked up another crate and flug it at him. Kylo pushed it away with his force and dashed towards her. Venus jumped and flipped over him perfectly timed and swung her saber down on his back. He turned and blocked it again. She tried to bring another blow to his side but he blocked this too. Venus than began her side by side move pushing Kylo back with each swing. Then Kylo unexpectedly twisted around from in front of Venus and escaped. Venus turned to confront him and was about to bring a downwards blow when he held out his hand and froze Venus.

Venus growled and tried to jerk away from his power but didn’t budge. “Very good.” He said and sheathed his saber. “I was impressed with the crates. But again, you are too reliant on your eyes rather than reaching out with your feelings.” Venus managed to put a frown on her face though she was mostly frozen. “Over all though, you are best when you combine all your skills.” Venus could tell she was probably blushing. Kylo released her and Venus sheathed her saber. Venus panted lightly then stood up straight. “Well I think that was a good first training session don’t you think?” Kylo said using the force to stack the crates nicely again. “Um yah. It was kind of short though.” Venus replied. “Oh. Well we can have another one later.” Kylo offered. Venus rubbed her arm and shrugged. “You need to be more confident.” Kylo stated. “This is partly why you haven’t completed your training already, you lack confidence and pride.” “Oh.” Venus said. They stood in silence for a second.

To be continued.

Test of Loyalties

Venus dodged as Kylo Ren swung his saber at her. Venus countered his attack with a similar maneuver. Kylo blocked it and spun around swinging for her neck. Venus ducked just in time. She eyed a crate and slide it across the floor into the back of Kylo’s legs. His knees buckled and he fell back into the crate. Venus held her saber to his neck in a victorious way. “Now, you die.” She said in a teasing way. Kylo seemed to like it. “Ok, that’s enough.” He sheathed his saber and Venus did the same. They stood in silence for a second. “Why do these awkward silences keep happening?” Venus pondered. She broke the silence.

“I was wondering, can I get a red lightsaber?”

“Don’t you have one already?” Kylo replied.

“Yah, but that was Darth Maul’s. I want my own.” Venus stated. “And I don’t want a plain one, I want it to be cool looking like yours.”

Kylo looked down at the sheath and handle of his saber. He tried to hide it, but Venus caught a little smile and red cheeks.

“What do you have in mind?” He asked, clearing his face of rose tinted cheeks.

Venus held up her saber and turned it on. “Like this but with a blade coming out of the bottom that can slice and harm like the regular saber.”

Kylo nodded, undersanding what she visualized. He held out his hand and looked into her head. Venus froze a bit wary as she could feel his presence in her mind. “Ok.” Kylo said. He had looked into her head to get an exact vision of what she wanted. “It will take a while to make, but for now you can use my old training lightsaber. He turned to one of the guards. “Go get my old saber.” “Yes sir.” The guard replied and exited the room. “Come with me.” Kylo motioned. Venus followed. He went to a corner and picked up his mask and put it on, the gears ticking as it settled on his head. “Why do you wear a mask?” Venus asked. He turned and looked at her, his face expressionless. “Because it looks intimidating.” He said and began to walk off. Venus suddenly felt a chill, she turned and saw Darth Vader, standing in the door opposite of them. Venus looked back Kylo’s distancing figure. “You’re the grandson of Vader. Aren’t you.” Venus said. Kylo stopped and turned his head. “Yes. I am.”

After passing through a few halls, Kylo took her back to the throne. The doors opened, Hux was in the throne room. “Tied on a string.” Snoke laughed. Kylo strutted in, Venus behind him.

The Word of Honor

Venus stumbled out of the landing ship tiredly. The relaxed ride back reveal how exhausted she was, that morning she started with intense training which transitioned to real battle. She longed to sleep but winced at the thought of her hard cot.

Kylo Ren was following her out, Venus was unaware he was reading her mind. She yawned and tripped over some wires, before she fell, Kylo caught her with the force. “You seem tired.” He said and helped her regain her balance. Venus nodded but wasn’t looking forward to her stiff bed. “I’d be lucky to get any rest at all in that thing.” She abruptly realized Kylo was reading her mind. She crossed her arms and turned around to confront him. She caught him right as he was lower his hand. Venus sighed and raised a brow. Kylo turned red. He stuttered a bit then said. “If you want, you can sleep in my bed. I will be busy for a while so you can try and get some rest.” Venus looked at him surprised. “Um okay.” She said uncertain. They gazed at each other for a second. “Its down the main hall on the third level near the front of the ship.” As he finished his sentence, Kylo walked pass Venus and out of the hanger. Venus watched him leave.

As soon as the landing ship was empty, she ran inside to retrieve her vulptex. She went to the pile of crates in the corner and uncovered her hiding spot. The little vulptex looked up at her. Venus picked her up and noticed a few crystals had grown from where the critter had been laying. “You certainly have a thing for crystals.” Venus said, holding her up. She looked into its dark sapphire eyes. “That’s it. I will call you Sapphire.” Venus said. The vulptex wagged her tail in agreement.

Following Kylo’s instructions, she made her way to his room carrying Sapphire in her arms. As she came to the end of the hall, she could easily tell the doors before her lead to his room. They were a heavy metal with a large First Order symbol painted on them. Venus cautiously entered his room. It was dark. As she walked further in, lights warmly illuminated the room. She put Sapphire down who walked around sniffing everything. Venus explored the room a little bit. It was very modern looking and big. It was 10 times larger than her little dorm. The bed had more round edges than 90 degree angles. The sheets were grey with black pillows and cover sheet. Venus went into the bath. It was half the size of the room, but still as impressive. Parallel to the door on the end wall was the bath tub which sat on 5 steps upward and looked out a window at the passing stars. There was also a vanity and regular shower.

Venus hadn’t had such luxury ever since her apprentice life at the Jedi Temple, even then that was nothing compared to this. Venus starred at the tub. “He did say he would take a few hours.” She unclothed herself then filled the tub with hot water. The warmth was soothing to her old wounds that never had a good chance to heal and comforting to her muscles which were sore. As she sat in it, she watched the distant stars pass by.

After forty-five minutes, she got out and put on only her top and bottoms. She walked back into the room. As she did, she noticed Sapphire had fallen asleep on the bed. Little crystals were beginning to form on the sheets. Venus scooped her up which startled the poor vulptex. “Sorry, but you can’t sleep there.” Sapphire yawned from her slumber. Venus grabbed her extra garments and made a bed out of them for Sapphire to sleep on. Sapphire circled the makeshift bed then settled down to sleep.

Venus went back to the bed and brushed away the crystals. She then turned off all the lights and crawled into the bed. It was so soft to Venus’s touch. As soon a Venus settled, she was asleep.

After a few hours, Venus woke up. She peeled her eyes open, she starred into space. She sat up and looked around, stars everywhere. She then realized she was sitting on air. She lowered her legs so she could stand, but yet not standing on anything. “Venus.” Her named echoed in this strange world. She turned around. Luke stood there before her. “Luke?” Venus breathed. “Venus, why’d you leave us?” Venus starred at him in confusion. “Why’d you leave us to die!”

Venus woke up abruptly, Luke’s last word echoing in her head. She was back in the room. Venus was facing away from the door and towards what she had last seen as a blank wall was now an entire window. Instead of stars, it was the blue glow of light as they traveled at lightspeed. Venus furrowed her brows; she sat up thinking she was in another dream and nearly jumped out of the bed when she saw Kylo lying next to her. “He must have finished with whatever he needed to do and didn’t want to wake me.”

Venus eyed her clothes and Sapphire in the corner she had left them. Venus carefully got out of bed cautious to not disturb the mattress and wake Kylo. She walked over and picked up Sapphire and her clothing. She was about to open the doors when she heard the sheets ruffle and a groan. “Venus?” Kylo grumbled. Venus pushed against the doors but they wouldn’t budge. “Where are you going. Kylo asked. Venus panicked. She turned around to face Kylo. He was still laying down but was watching her.

“I woke up and saw that you are back so I figured I’d go back to my room.” She explained. “No-“ Kylo stopped himself. He sat up and as he did so, the sheets slid down and revealed his bare chest. Venus quickly darted her eyes away. “I just-“ Kylo stammered. Venus looked at him and glared. She took out her saber and cut a hole in the door. She used the force to push her cutout out and jumped through the hole. “Venus!” Kylo yelled. She could hear him stumbled out of bed and run after her. Venus picked up her pace. Once she reached the elevator, she forced the doors closed so Kylo couldn’t reach her. She ran out when the elevator stopped and dashed to her room. As she went around a corner she ran straight into Kylo. She tripped back and almost fell over, she shook her head and looked up at him dazed but angry.

“What’s this all about?” Venus demanded. “I-I.” Kylo looked down. Sapphire squirmed in Venus’s arms wanting to be put down. Venus set her on the ground and looked back at Kylo. “It’s just tha-“ Again he stopped in search of words. He gazed at Venus in her eye. His face red as his own saber. He then walked up to her and in a swift but slow movement, cupped the side of her face with his right hand and pulled her close and kissed her. Venus felt her face grow hot. For a moment, she wanted to pull away, but his warm touch was too tempting. She began to kiss him back.

“Eh-hem.” A voice said from behind Kylo. Venus and Kylo broke the kiss and turned to see who it was. Hux was standing with his arms crossed tapping his foot. Venus wasn’t sure how long he had been standing there or how long they had been kissing, she was too lost in it too perceive. Venus then noticed a few stormtroopers had stopped at the end of the hall to stare. “Hux.” Kylo acknowledged him in a irritated tone. “Um, could you explain to me what is going on here.” Hux waved his hands toward them since they were holding each other’s arms. Kylo still had his top off too. Venus began to blush and looked away, she noticed that at the other end of the hall, more stormtroopers were watching. “We were just…” Kylo paused to find words. “It’s none of your business.” Venus whipped her head around to snap at Hux in an angry way. Hux winced at her tone. “I see.” Hux said with the sound of defeat in his voice. Kylo on the other hand was beaming with victory. Hux turned and ordered the troopers back to their posts.

Venus and Kylo looked at each other, smiled cheekily, and blushed. “Um do you want to go back to my room or…” Kylo asked a bit self-conscious. “Sure.” Venus replied blushing more. They let go of each other. Venus turned to pick Sapphire back up who was sitting next to them. “I thought I said we weren’t taking that with us.” Kylo noticed. “Well, I was too proud to follow those orders.” Venus replied. Kylo realized where that comeback came from. Venus picked her up and carried her with them as they went back to his room.

After they had slept, they went to the main deck where the pilots were. They were about to arrive at Dision, one of the loyal planets of the First Order, to refuel and get more troops and supplies. They came curtly out of hyperspace before the blue planet. Most of it was ocean with one giant landmass on one side. The landscape was mostly tan and brown with a rim of green on the equator. Two moons orbited it. The Star Destroyer lowered down into the atmosphere, hovering above one of the major cities. “Dasjnock” Kylo nodded to the grand city. It was north of the equator but still was lush with greenery. The buildings were made of wood with the bases and accents made of stone. They finally stopped over a landing pad and lowered down onto it. The landing pad was made entirely of wood with a stone base.

“Okay, we will stay here for a day or two then leave for Tasjik and pick some more troops from the training center there and we will determine what to do then.” Hux reported. He left the control center. “Do you want to go look around. Perhaps we could do another training session.” Kylo suggested. “Okay.” Venus replied.

They flew out in a TIE fighter by themselves and headed to a desolate area outside the outskirts of the Dasjnock. The plant life here was very green and seemed to glow green. The ground didn’t have grass like other planets and was dry rock while large ferns and bushes grew from it. Venus bent down to pick up a handful of the dirt. “Dision is quite an interesting planet isn’t it.” Kylo said. “This land used to be completely underwater, the once the water receded, it left a dry salty landmass, only near the equator is it warm enough for plant and animal life. The plant’s roots have to dig deep to reach underground reservoirs since rainfall is so rare. If you plant a seed, it will take up to two years till you see some green sprouting from it.” Kylo held out his hand as an insect like creature with three wings hovered above it. It had three eyes and two legs hanging from it body.

Venus looked around her, to the south she could see thicker plant life and even a forest. To the north, were hills and beyond that, snow peeked mountains and bland landscape. The local star was close to the eastern horizon, unlike other planets, the sun rose in the west and set in the east. This star was also purple too which was partly why the plants were such a strong green.

They walked through the brush till they found an empty area. Kylo took out his saber and unsheathed it. “Do you know why it’s good to practice in different environments?” Kylo asked. Venus shrugged. “You will never know where the force will take you, some environments are deadly while others can have advantages, practicing in many will allow more options in battle.” Venus took out her saber and turned it on. The revolved around each other waiting for the other to strike. Kylo twisted his saber then swung it at Venus. She jumped back then forward to strike back. Kylo blocked it and tried to hit her side. Venus blocked it. Kylo swung his saber over his head in an advanced maneuver and thrusted it forward to clash with Venus. She ducked and as she did, picked up a handful of dirt and threw it at his face.

“Agh!” Kylo shouted as dust contacted his eye. Venus gasped. “Are you okay?” She walked forward to see she could help. Kylo then used the force to push her back, leaped forward and pinned her down, his saber across her neck. “Never let your enemy fool you.” He smirked. Venus glared at him. He let her up and Venus brushed herself off. “I will admit, I didn’t see that coming.” Kylo smiled. She smiled back proud of herself.

“Can I ask you something?” Kylo inquired. “Um sure.” Venus replied. “Why do you where that patch.” Kylo questioned. He was a little embarrassed about it. “Is your eye missing or something?” Venus touched the metal patch. “No it’s not. I actually can see fine with it, it’s just, when I look at people, they look at me weird.” Venus turned away. “It can’t be that bad.” Kylo replied feeling his own scar. “Can I see it?” Venus hesitated then took the patch off. She squinted as light met her eye for the first time in a while. She turned and looked at Kylo. Her vision was much better and she could see more details than before. Kylo starred at her. “They make faces just like that.” Venus said. Kylo shook his head to wipe his expression off. “You look scary like that.” Venus gazed down ashamed of her scar. Kylo walked forward and lifted her chin, “Don’t be ashamed of it Venus, you should be proud of it. That scar shows to others what you have been through, what you have survived.” Venus thought back to when she first got it. If only she had been smarter and maneuvered slightly to the right, Anakin’s saber would never had connected with her face. “It’s kind of ironic because, your grandfather is the one who gave it to me.” Venus expressed. “Vader?” Kylo breathed. Venus nodded. “Oh.” He said. He let that thought sink in a little.

Kylo sheathed his saber and Venus did the same.

To be continued.


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