For new users

Am I allowed to create my own pages?

(In regards to users who are not members)

Yes, you are allowed to make your own character pages and fanfictions without permission if they are based on a fandom.

However, you must ask to create a character or fanfiction based off another users original species, original universe, or original story.

You cannot make pages that are Original Universes, Original Species, or Original Stories unless you have a Membership.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, you must have at least 50 edits and have one developed character. You can apply for a membership on the discussions board. More information can be found on the Membership page.

Am I allowed to edit other users' pages?

You are not allowed to edit another user's page unless you are given permission by that user. However, you may fix spelling and grammar errors on the page without needing permission. Best that you say you fixed spelling and grammar in your summary after editing.

How do I create a page?

To create a page, simply click the add page button in the top right-hand corner.

Other Questions

Can I add code to my pages?

Yes, you are allowed to add code to your pages as long as the follow the required format. Please make sure it isn't too glitchy and cause problems for other users.

Can I add my own templates?

No, you cannot add your own templates unless you ask an Admin. Members however, are allowed to create a template to put on their pages to show their ownership of that page.

Someone else shares the same name as my character. What should I do?

If someone already took the name for your character, simply put your name in parentheses next to the name like this: Luna (AvalonCat). Do not name pages like this: Luna the Pegasus; XxLunaxX; .Luna.; LUNA; luna.

This rule does not apply to literature pages or original universe pages. However it can apply to location and places pages.

Am I allowed to use someone else's art?

Yes, you may use someone elses art if you have permission to use it or it is free to use. All in all, always credit the person who made it. Failure to credit the person who made the art can result in the wiki as a whole getting into trouble and you as a user getting banned.

Theft and Vadalism

I think someone is stealing my art. What should I do?

If you suspect someone is stealing art, weather it be yours or someone else's, report it to an admin immediately. Do not handle the situation yourself. If it is your art that has been stolen, kindly ask the user to remove it from the page after telling an admin.

My page has been vandalized, please help!

If your page has been vandalized, immediately message an admin with a link to the page. We will find who vandalized your page and handle them ourselves. Do not find the person yourself and handle the situation.

Do not edit your page until the admins remove the vandalism, then you can further edit your page.

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