Literature pages such as fanfictions and original stories should follow this format. You may add extra things if you like. A table of contents will automatically be added to your story.


A summary of the story may be added at the top of the page. Don't spoil the plot though!


This is optional for the story and is not needed for every single one.

Part X

Parts are optional and may be added if you have large stories. Can be renamed to section or book, etc. DO NOT MAKE A PAGE FOR EACH PART!

Chapter X

Chapters are written under these headings. You may add as many chapters as you like to a story. DO NOT MAKE A PAGE FOR EACH CHAPTER! If the chapters do not fall under parts, then give it heading 1 instead of heading 2.

Chapter X

For chapters that do not fall under parts.


This is optional as well but is needed if the story has a prologue.

About the Author

This is optional and may be added at the beginning or the end of the story.


A poll for readers to rate how many stars they liked the story.

How many stars would you rate this story?

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