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Jupiter is a female Na'vi from Pandora. Her skin is a calm dark blue with straight lines of luminescent spots that trail from her face and split into to on her arms, belly and legs. She normally wears a leather bra with a leather genital covering along with a feathery necklace, an armband with teeth intertwined, and a headband with a fang in the center. Her tail also has two leather bands around it with a feather hanging off one and a matching feather sprouting from her head. Jupiter has a satchel hung over her shoulder and across her body that she uses to carry items in. Jupiter's eyes are yellow like all the Na'vi and has thick black hair that she wears loosely with the traditional link braid hanging down past to her thigh.


Jupiter values freedom and bondage with her world over war and discipline. She is often found riding her Ikran around the hallelujah mountains and hunting with her tribe the La'moona Clan. Jupiter loves to take nightly walks through the forest and admire the life around her.


Jupiter was born to _____ and _____. Growing up Jupiter learned the ways of her clan and worked her way up to the elite warrior rank. When the Skypeople came, Jupiter met an Avatar named Thanjon (pronounced Thanjohn). Thanjon, along with many other Avatar's were captured by the La'moona clan. The clan chief ordered for them to be executed but Jupiter and a few other warriors stood up for the Avatar. The clan leader decided that he would delay the executions and give the Avatar's a chance to learn their ways. Jupiter was mentored to Thanjon. Jupiter taught Thanjon the ways of the La'moona clan, teaching him the rituals and tradtitions. Thanjon and one other Avatar even tamed their own Ikrans. Thanjon and three other Avatar are accepted into the clan but the others were released back to the Skypeople. A few days later, another Avatar by the name of Jakesully, came as turuk-mokto, gathering all the other clans to fight back the Skypeople. During the battle, Jupiter and Thanjon took to the skies on their Ikrans shooting down helicopters and soldiers. When they returned home, Thanjon was made one with the people and choice Jupiter as his mate.


Ta'Silo: Ta'silo is Jupiters Ikran, he is turquoise blue with black stripes and yellow highlights.

Leoshasto: Nicknamed Leo, Leo is a Thanator tamed by Jupiter and used mainly for her hunting or run through the forest.

Suhila: Suhila is Jupiter's Direhorse.


Bow: Jupiters bow is traditionally made from the wood of a stirupt tree. The strings are made from the tendons of a hexepede. She decorates it with matching feathers that crown her head. Her bows are tipped in neurotoxin and carved from flintstone. Her arrows are tipped with red and green feathers.

Spear: Jupiter's less used weapon. Made from wood and tipped with a carbon reinforced stone, her spear is very strong for killing blows. She decorates it with leaves and feathers.

Twin Blades: Jupiter's favorite combat weapon are her twin blades. Carved from Stormbeast bones, these blades are strong and sharp. She has carved and painted into the bone to give it color.


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