It is an unfortunate mishap when one of our users go inactive. However, a protocol must be done in accordance with this. The inactive user policy is here to help keep the wiki clean and neat and make room for the new by getting rid of the old. Her are the terms in relation to the policy.

  • The policy will take effect if a user has been inactive for a year.
  • Users that have been inactive for a year will have all their contributions removed unless under certain circumstances as like in the following:
    • The page is a literature article that is complete. (Marked Literature (Complete))
    • The page is public for all users to contribute too.
    • The page is helpful for other users.
    • The page is a character that has been given to someone else.
    • The page is a character that belongs to another owner.
  • After the user falls under the Inactive User Policy, an announcement will be made about their inactiveness and will put up any characters, literature, original species, etc. up for adoption. Any pages not claimed within a month will be deleted afterwards.
  • A message will be written on their page explaining why their contributions were deleted.
  • Any membership or staff status will be removed.

Do not let this scare you if you are not very active on the wiki. This will only take effect if you are inactive for a year with absolutely no contributions. This includes talk pages, comments, and editing.