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Evalon is a triple hybrid of human, enderman, and enderdragon. Her appearance can alter depending on her surroundings. If she stays present in sunlight for a long time, her skin will turn peach. Lack of sunlight will cause her skin to turn black. The transformation normally happens over the course of an hour or too and tends to be unnoticed.

Next to humans, she is abnormally tall reaching 8 feet in height but next to an enderman, she is short being mostly a foot shorter than most.

From her head grows a set of black horns that curl backwards slightly. Her eyes are purple and glow in low light like an enderman. From her back sprout large, black and grey membrane wings. She also has a tail like that of a dragon that grows from her back.

For clothing, when wandering the human realm, Evalon wears black garments covered by a black cloak that she uses to hide her wings and tail. She will also throw the hood over her head to hide her horns. She normally wears black boots or shoes. When in the End, she has a purple dress that she wears with purple leggings. She prefers to be barefoot. All the time she wears an amulet around her neck made of obsidian that has an eye of ender in the center. This amulet is a vessel for her ender-star abilities since her human part makes her too weak to carry the power herself.


Evalon is very much an introvert. Shy around most humans except for a few whom claim loyalty to the mobs of Minecraft. She is much more open and comfortable around endermen which helps a lot since she rules over them. When in dragon form, she looses much of her human soberness and thinks more raging thoughts and becomes far more hostile.


Evalon was the product of desperate measures. Her father was the first ever male-born ender dragon of the end. Before then females would choose and enderman to take enderdragon form and marry that way. However, this male dragon could not choose a female enderman for there were none.

Desperate to secure an heir, he reached a human sorcery and ordered the man to give him the ability to shapeshift into enderman form. The sorcerer, in fear of his life, did as the dragon commanded and gave him the ability to shapeshift between enderman and dragon forms. (This would later be passed to Evalon by genetics.) He forced the sorcerer to cause a human girl to fall in love with him and so the sorcerer did and caused a girl by the name of Dawn to fall in love with Evalon's father.

A year later, Evalon is born but however, her father had left Dawn 6 months before to return to the end. The love spell had worn off by then. Evalon was born with black skin, wings, a tail, and horns. Her mother loved her all the same but feared Evalon would be killed, so she took Evalon far away from Dawn's hometown deep into the wilderness where she raised her. She homeschooled Evalon but never told her who her father was.

Around when Evalon was 16, they moved back to civilization. There Evalon went to a public school since her mom figured out a way to hide her mutations. She was very shy and never talked to anyone and everyone always whispered behind her back that she was odd since she was so tall and that she always wore a hood.

One day, the redstone power of the school failed and an Enderman teleported inside. He immediately grew hostile when many eyes of the students looked upon him. Evalon stood up to him and tore her cloak off, reveling her ender dragon mutations. Evalon told him to leave but the enderman attack her instead. She fought him till in one swing of her arm, purple acid-fire sparked from her fingers and blasted against the enderman. He starred at her then teleported away. The students went home shocked that day and word spread fast about Evalon's powers. Mobs of men would come up to her and Dawn's house shouting that she should be killed and that she was a witch.

She ran away a few days afterwards finding refuge in a cave. There she made friends with a few mobs and her skin turned black from lack of sunlight. She met an enderman named was Escartes. He kept coming back to the cave to talk with Evalon till one day, he returned with Evalon's father; Eizzurried.

Eizzurried took Evalon to the End where he showed her around and was introduced to the kingdom. She was crowned the princess of the End. A few weeks later, an enderman quickly rushed to the end palace with frightening news that her mother, Dawn, was to be burned alive for giving birth to a monster. Evalon quickly returned to the human world to save her mother.

When she got there, a mob of men had tied her up to a cross and were beginning to set the wood below on fire. Angered, Evalon screeched an enderman scream and attacked the humans but she was greatly outnumbered. To her rescue, her father came with an army of enderman. Evalon desperately fought but failed to reach her mother in time. She still continued to fight vowing to kill everyman who had brought harm upon her mother. To her dismay, her father fell too. Without the power of the ender star, her father could not heal himself and so his wounds became to great and he died. Evalon and the remaining endermen won but great sorrow settled in her heart. She returned home to the end and took throne over the kingdom.

After a few months a theory had emerged that their were islands beyond the main one. With her own curiosity sparked, Evalon had an end ship built and embarked on a journey to find these rumored islands.

They came upon a metropolis an end city made of many islands with a large pyramid in the center. Her company explored the city and found the two very odd things. First the endermen here were white with red eyes. Second there were women enderman too.

Their exploration was curt short when a fast terrifying roar sounded in the skies. A white enderdragon loomed over the city divebombing the people. After a few minutes, she picked out a male and flew back to the pyramid which she had come. Evalon and her company took cover in house owned by Askiri, a female albino enderman. Living with her was her brother Alazias and sister Adiskri.

Alazais explained that for many centuries this albino ender dragon by the name of Agrileth has been terrorizing the people, eating them for her meals. He also explained less and less enderchildren have been born since she has been picking off the males mostly since they are the only ones who have been fighting. Evalon didn't like the sound of this and went to confront Agrileth herself.

When she entered the pyramid, Evalon found many hieroglyphs on its walls showing the history of this city. It showed that in its past, their were black enderman living here too. When Evalon reached the throne room, she found Agrileth siting upon a mountain of bones. Evalon asked why she was doing this and Agrileth explained the history of the city. She told Evalon that once the Endermen and Albinos lived in peace side by side ruled over by a king and queen enderdragon. Each couple would have one offspring which would choose an enderman to be their mate and turn them into a dragon making them the next king and queen. When the humans built the portal to the end, that's when things began to change. The enderman grew curious what was beyond the end and found ways to the other world and even making it to the nether. One enderman discovered ender pearls and from their another learned to craft eye of enders. When the king and queen of the end had their egg twins were born of it. One black and one white. It was uncertain who would inherit the throne. All the black endermen wanted the black dragon to rule while the white enderman wanted the white dragon to rule. A civil war broke out and the twins ended up fighting in a big boss battle for who was to rule. The black dragon loss but lived. In his anger he ran off with the black endermen and stole all the ender pearls and eye of enders leaving the last of the nation robbed of its powers.

Agrileth was the daughter of the winning twin. Making her over 1000 years old. She said that her ever since the black enderman stole the ender portal, she was unable to feed on over world creatures so she had to feed on end creatures but the enderman began to hide them in places she couldn't find so she had to start eating the endermen themselves. Evalon told her that was no way to treat her subjects but was attacked by Agrileth. Evalon fled from the temple and hid outside.

She returned to her company and the other albinos and said that she was going to kill Agrileth. Luckily, she brought an enderstar with her and she set up a small tower to place it upon. She called out to Agrileth calling her a weak worm, slow, and fat. Angry Agrileth came storming out of the pyramid. Evalon grabbed her necklace and chanted the words. "!nogard eb ot ksa I, rats redne eht fo rewop eht yB" She turned into a dragon and battled with Agrileth. Agrileth however was far more older making her far more bigger and Evalon was beging to loose even with the ender star. Evalon then remembered how the dragon heirs could make an enderman turn into a dragon. When she had a moment, she found Alazias hiding in a house. She pulled him out and asked him how she could make him a dragon. Alazias didn't know but rode on Evalon's back as she continued to fight. After he accidently fell off and onto the ground. Evalon breathed on him to make sure he was okay, accidently spitting ender fire on him. The fire surrounded him and took him into the air and turned him into a dragon. A bit dazed, Alazias shook his head clear and turned to help fight Agrileth. They finaly overthrew Agrileth by ripping her wings and pushing her off the side of the island.

However, the battle left the city in ruins and the islands were growing unstable. Evalon's ship wasn't big enough for the whole city so she sent her company back to the main island to built a portal to the city. A few days later, they got the portal working and all the civilians came to the main island. They built and expanded the island making room for all the new citizens. Evalon and Alazias fell in love and got married.

Skills and Abilities

Evalon has many powers due to her hybridization and family curses. First off Evalon has the power of the ender star which is the base power for many of her abilities. The ender-star power however only starts working a few years after puberty starts. Because Evalon is part human, as she grew older, the power of the ender-star became too powerful for her weak body to carry, thus she created a vessel for it and poured the power into a necklace which she wears around her neck. She poured a little bit of her blood into it too so that she was the only one able to use it. As long as she wears it around her neck, she has the power of the ender-star.

Another ability Evalon possesses is the ability to shapeshift between enderman and dragon. This comes from a family curse when her father asked a wizard to give him the ability as well, the wizard was forced against his will so he turned the spell into a curse so all his descendants would have the ability (More like a blessing if you ask me.)

Evalon also has ender fire. She can shoot it from her finger tips or in dragon form, breath it from her mouth. She can shoot it flamethrower style or in balls of fire that expload when they hit you.

Evalon can self heal as well but only in the presence of an ender-star and as dragon form. She cannot use this ability as enderman.

She can teleport as well but it costs a lot of energy unlike normal enderman so she only does it if she absolutely has too.


Evalon has a few weaknesses due to being a hybrid. Like all Enderman, water can harm her and burns her skin, yet her tolerance level is slightly longer, being able to withstand a mist or light drizzle. Submerging in water all the way will harm her.

Evalon's powers will grow weaker when she is in daylight. Yes all her powers except for shapeshifting become weaker when in sunlight.


  • Evalon taking Avalon and Herobrine for a ride.
  • Evalon teaming up with Herobrine.
  • Evalon talking with Avalon


  • Evalon was originally going to get married to Herobrine.
  • Evalon owns an Enderhorse.
  • Evalon means before the light.