These are the available categories on the wiki to use. Do not create a category with out consent of an admin.

  • Copyright AvalonCat
    • Any articles under this category belong to AvalonCat. You are not permitted to copy or use any content on the page.

Original Universe

  • Original Universes go under this category.

Original Species

  • Original Species go under this category.
  • Human Subspecies
    • Any species that is a human race goes under this category along with original species.
  • Original Breeds of a species can be on their own pages but be under the original species category and the species the breed is under.

Content (_____)

  • Users are allowed to create categories that are named Content (Username Here). Such as Content (AvalonCat). This is to help users keep all their stuff under one category for easy access. However, you may create a category like this as long as you have at least three pages to put in it.

Character Categories

  • Characters
    • All Characters must go under this category.
  • Males
    • Male characters go under this category
  • Females
    • Female Characters go under this category
  • Sonas
    • Persona's, Fursona's Catsonsa's Dragonsona's etc. go under this category.
  • Adopted
    • Any characters that were adopted from another person/user.
  • Open for Adoption
    • For characters that are open for adoption. Please remove this category when the character is adopted.

Races and Species

  • Races and Species may be added as need if they are found in mythology or the real world if the category does not exist yet. (So if you make a cow character but there isn't a cow category, you are allowed to make one. You cant create a new category for a non-exsitant original species.)
  • Human
    • Any characters that are part or full Human go under this category.
  • Enderman
    • Any characters that are part of full Enderman go under this catageory.
  • Na'vi
    • Any characters that are part of full Na'vi go under this catageory.
  • Dosman
    • Any characters that are a Dosman go under this catageory. Dosmans cannot have hybrids.
  • Celestials
    • Any characters that are part of full Celestial go under this category.
  • Wolves
    • Any characters that are part or full Wolf go under this category.
  • Cats
    • Any characters that are part or full cat go under this category.
  • Horses
    • Any characters that are part of full horse go under this category.
  • Srarphins
    • Any characters that are part or full srarphin go under this category.
  • Constelli
    • For characters that are Constelli. Constelli cannot have hybrids.
  • Deities
    • For characters that are gods, goddesses, or of the like. Can be full or part deity.
  • Hybrids
    • Any character that is a hybrid, tribred, quadbred, etc. Purebreds do not fall under this category.
  • Unspecified Species
    • For Characters that are an unknown species and don't belong to any other races or species. This is not used for original species.




  • A literature page may have more than one genre. (Such as an adventure in poem form.)
  • If a genre your looking for I non existent, contact an admin if it can be added.
  • Genre (Adventure)
    • Literature Dealing with adventure.
  • Genre (Poetry)
    • Literature dealing with poetry.
  • Genre (Biography and Autobiography)
    • Literature dealing with a character's life story.
  • Genre (Comedy)
    • Literature that is amusing to the readers.
  • Genre (Horror)
    • For literature that is meant to be scary and edgy.
  • Genre (Romance)
    • For literature that deals with romance.
    • When writing Romance stories, don't over do it.


Original Stories

Locations and Places

  • Locations and Places
    • All Location and Places pages go under this category.
  • Planets and Worlds
    • Entire Maps of worlds, alternate realms, and planets go under this category.
  • Nations
    • Countries, Kingdoms, Provinces, Empires, etc. fall under this category.
  • Towns and Cities
    • Towns and Cities fall under this category as do capital cities.


  • Pages that describe objects such as magical relics, weapons, and enchanted objects fall under this category.

Multipurpose Categories

These categories go on all pages.


  • Fandoms may be added as needed.
  • Star Wars
    • Anything from the Star Wars universe. Copyright goes to Lucasfilm.
  • Warriors
    • Anything from the Warriors universe. Copyright goes to Erin Hunter.
  • Wings of Fire
    • Anything from the Wings of Fire universe. Copyright goes to Tui Southerland
  • Avatar
    • Anything from the Avatar universe. Copyright goes to James Cameron.
  • Marvel
    • Anything from the Marvel universe. Copyright goes to Cinematic Marvel Universe.
  • Minecraft
    • Anything from the Minecraft universe. Copyright goes to Mojang and 4J Studios.


  • Forum
    • Articles that are forums go under this category.
  • Public Role Plays
    • Public Role Plays go under this category.
    • Private Role Plays are to take place on the discussions board or message walls.
  • Nominations
    • Nominations for promotion and demotion go under this category.
  • News
    • News, announcements, etc. fall under this category.

If you have any questions, please contact a Staff Member