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Avalon appears as a human. She has huge brown feathered wings sprouting from her back. Her hair is blonde and currently ends at her shoulder blades. She has cat ears instead of human ears as well as fangs, claws, and a tail which is now a stub after she lost it. Her eyes change depending on the weather and can either be a striking blue or a faded mist color.

She likes to where a linen under shirt with long sleeves and layers on top a light blue corset. Her pants are dark blue and disappear into her tall leather brown boots. She wears a belt around her waist and holds her sword.

When Avalon is in her celestial form, she glows blue with a faint light blue outline, her clothing gains a blue tone too. She has eight stars that connect and form her body, one at her forehead that connects to a star at her torso. this star forks into her wings to a star at the wrist and at the tip. From her torso, another fork splits down to her feet.

During the warmer months, Avalon dresses more breezy and wears a bright blue bra that wraps around her chest and has golden lining on the top that wraps around her shoulders. She pants are the same color but are capris and his a small transparent golden skirt that warps around the base and slights over her right leg. She wears golden sandals that wrap up to the middle of her shin. Her head is crowned with a band containing brown feathers from her own wings. It is solid in the front and as it wraps around, it forks around her ears then conjoins again and wraps all the way behind her head.


Avalon is very prideful and expects respect from all lower rankings. She is greatly feared by many players and is stunning in battle. Avalon also has a strange sixth sense which is a storm sense. This storm sense wakes her up before a storm arrives and is a little annoying. Avalon assumes everyone as an enemy at first sight till she finds out more intel. Only then will she consider taking you off her enemy list.


Avalon doesn't remember much before she was kidnapped and taken to Minecraft. Only fuzzy memories of her mother and who her father may be. She does remember cursing herself with her cat abilities. Caused by a spell gone wrong, Avalon turned from a regular human to a cat humanoid. She gained her ears, tail, fangs, claws, and enhanced senses from this.

When she was kidnapped, (Herobrine being the kidnapper), she woke up in Minecraft. Herobrine brought her to his Nether palace where the two fell in love and got married. Herobrine gave her wings as a gift. Learning to fly in the nether was quite dangerous but thrilling at the same time for Avalon.

Of course, Herobrine had an equally attractive brother whom was captured by Herobrine. Long story short, Avalon ended up pregnant with Steve instead of Herobrine but she managed to keep it a secret (despite Herobrine having mind reading abilities.) Her son was born in a cave in the over world and thus she named him Cavern. Cavern unfortinatly looked a lot like Steve and it is now a curse that the line between Avalon and Steve will always have an offspring that looks like Steve.

Herobrine was then captured by Notch and taken to the stronghold of the creepy pastas. Desperate to save her love, Avalon left Cavern with her celestial sister Saturna and turned herself in.

In this prison of creepy pasta, Avalon was the only female in there. It was very awkward at first but once the prisoners learn she is "Herobrine's Queen" they respected her. She came up with a plan to escape which became successful.

For the next year, she and Herobrine lived in the nether but not peacefully. Together they were training an army of Minecraft mobs to take over Minecraft and plotting a plan to raid Mojang's headquarters.

During that year, Avalon became pregnant with twins and gave birth to Crystal and Diamond. Both had brown hair but Crystal had grey eyes while Diamond had blue eyes. They also had powers over ice and rock.

When they thought they were ready, Avalon and Herobrine lead the attack on Mojang's headquarters, sadly they underestimated Notch's defenses and Herobrine ended up captured yet again. (Note, remember, time in Minecraft passes fast which means that Crystal and Diamond can grow to be 20 years old in 100 days IRL. My rule of thumb is that the aging process is normal until they turn 20, then it slows down. ) With the help of Cavern, Crystal and Diamond, along with many other mobs, the family rescues Herobrine in a hard and long battle. Herobrine was kept in a electro-carbon reinforced cell that prevented him from using his powers and weakened him. This slowed down how fast Avalon could open the cell door. Because of the time they lost, Notch had called on Alex and Steve who came to the scene of the battle. Cavern was then forced to fight his father. They escaped but left very weak and Herobrine a near mortal condition.

Once he recovered though, Notch pressed an attack on Herobrine's palace and ended up taking Crystal and Diamond (Who are 10 years old now, Cavern 11). The two twins were able to keep each other safe, using Diamond's ability to control rocks and minerals and Crystal's ability to control ice, they managed to stay unharmed, but restrained. Both twins were telepathic and were able to speak to their father via mind. Herobrine was able to go and rescue them from the hands of Steve, taking Cavern with him. Avalon stayed in the palace because the was pregnant again (Yes I know, just remember, they have nine kids so still 6 to go). When Herobrine confronted Steve, Steve told Herobrine that Cavern was his son. Herobrine was furious and vowed that Avalon would never betray him in such a way, even Cavern himself called Herobrine 'his' father and Steve simply an unfortunate uncle. When he returned home, he asked Avalon if it was true that Steve was Cavern's father. Avalon was lost, not sure if she should tell the truth or lie. She lied. Herobrine believed her however but Avalon always carried the weight of betrayal to him forever.

Avalon soon gives birth to Ember. She was born with glowing eyes like Herobrine but had blonde hair, the most unique thing about her was he had black dragon wings. Avalon assumed it must had been a genetic mutation between her wing genes and Herobrine's genes. Ember later developes the ability to summon fire but requires energy to do so.

Avalon and Herobrine decide to hide away for 5 years in the nether and train their children and their army so they can fully onslaught Minecraft. During those five years Avalon gives birth to a set of triplets. The triplets consit of two sons and a daughter. The two sons were named Kallairo and Skiron. Kallairo had brown hair and glowing eyes like his father and had the ability to control shadows and darkness. He could form shapes and creatures from it. Skiron was born with blonde hair and blue eyes and had the opposite power of his brother and could control light. The daughter was named Angel. She was born with dirty blonde hair and had blue eyes but she later dyes it grey. She was born with no mutations or powers however. To make up for it, she trained and experts in the use of nun-chucks and whips. Herobrine later makes her his executioner.

After five years of plotting, training, and planning, the family finally came up with the ultimate plan to take over Minecraft. The idea was to station the legions in caves surrounding Mojang's headquarters where they would come out and surround it and kill all who wa in there, leaving only Steve, Alex and Notch to be captured and later tortured by Herobrine. Avalon was put in charge of the aerial strike team. Cavern would lead the archers, Crystal and Diamond would lead the overworld mobs on foot. Ember was put in charge of the nether mobs and endermen on ground and Kallairo and Skiron led the cavalry. Angel wanted to be a sneaky assassin in the dark so Herobrine let her do that.

They attacked at the moment of sunset, taken by complete surprise, Mojang was forced to evacuate their base leading the battle to a large grassland. It came down to the point where Herobrine dueled Notch sword to sword. Steve avenged Notch forcing Herobrine to take on two. Avalon was taking on Alex when she saw Herobrine fall to the ground, he was weakening. Angel took on Alex for her and Avalon went to help. Herobrine was back on his feet but struggling. Avalon took on Steve. During their fight, the argued about who was Cavern's father. Avalon accepted that Steve may be Cavern's biological father, but his true father would forever be Herobrine. Avalon struck down Steve by severely injuring him but kept him alive. Deep down inside, she still had feelings for him and couldn't bring herself to kill him.

She turned around to see Herobrine fall to the ground, his sword out of reach. Avalon ran and blocked Notch's killing blow with her sword. A large flash of light sparked between the blades. Lighting flashed as they locked onto each other. Notch backed off, bewildered. Avalon narrowed her eyes at him and shouted that she was human, from the real world like Notch was and that he cannot destroy her here. That's when the battle turned in favor of Herobrine and Avalon. They were winning. But something in Avakon knew that she couldn't let him win. She knew he would destroy Minecraft and burn what was left of it, turning it into what the nether was now.

Avalon changed her mind and began fighting against the mobs, driving them back into the caves they came from. Herobrine was confused, he didn't want to hurt her but wanted to win. When the mobs finally had fled, dawn broke in Minecraft. She shouted to all of them but mainly to Herobrine, that she couldn't let him win. She told him that without Notch, Minecraft would grow unstable, viruses would grow and eat away the coding and heart of Minecraft. Taking Herobrine with it.

In that moment, everything changed. She wouldn't know how to describe it, but it was as if Herobrine finally saw what he was doing, like his madness was cured. So that whole time, it took someone he loved dearly to open his eyes. Herobrine vowed he would never try and take over Minecraft again or kill players or anything. Notch was glad to hear this and left Herobrine as King of the Nether.

Strangely, many players protest to the forbidding of Herobrine killing and attack players, many protesting they wanted the old Herobrine back, so Notch lifted his restriction on Herobrine and allowed him to kill players (for the fun of the gameplay.)

For the following two years, Avalon adopts a son and gives birth to two daughters. Her adopted son she found abandoned, his parents possibly killed by mobs. She was pregnant at the time so her motherly instinct wouldn't let her leave the crying, helpless baby behind. At first, Herobrine didn't like child but saw how much Avalon loved him so he accepted him into the family and named him Thane. Thane grew to have black hair and green eyes and specialized in karate.

Soon after adopting Thane, Avalon gives birth too Avalyn. Avalyn was born with blonde hair and white eyes. She had her mother's wings but also could teleport like her father.

A year later, Hira is born with brown hair and glowing eyes. She held the same powers as her father does.

Today, Avalon rules the Nether as the Queen alongside her husband Herobrine, raising their children in hopes of choosing an heir to the throne. (So far she is leaning towards Hira).


Husband: Herobrine

Sons: Cavern, Thane

Daughters: Crystal, Diamond, Ember, Angel, Hira, Avalyn

Brother-in-Laws: Steve, Notch

Sister-in-Law: Alex


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